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Предизвикателства пред развиване на говорните умения по английски език

Abstract:Speaking a foreign language, including English, can be a significant challenge for many of its learners. The article aims to identify the difficulties faced by first-year students majoring in Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy at Trakia University, Stara Zagora in developing speaking skills, as well as to […]


Изкуственият интелект – възможности и перспективи за интеграция в българската образователна сфера

Abstract:The article notes the progress in the development of artificial intelligence and the stance Bulgaria has adopted on its application in education. It also justifies the need for change in the present educational system in order to meet future professional demands and provide prospects for the successful […]


Изграждане навици за самообучение чрез използване софтуерни ресурси

Abstract:A relatively new area of research used by educators, psychologists, and methоdolagists is self-regulated learning. This approach places students in the role of direct participants in the organization of the learning process and leads to increased motivation and commitment to learning, behavior correction, and accurate self-evaluation of […]


Фактори за успешно използване на дигитални дидактични игри в чуждоезиковото обучение

Abstract:The article presents factors that influence the effective use of digital games for foreign language teaching and learning. It aims to highlight some characteristics of participants in the foreign language learning process using a digital game, as well as the characteristics of the game and technical means, […]


Помагащите професии и burnout синдрома

Abstract:The article focuses on the specifics of the helping professions, in particular three professional groups (teachers, nurses, psychologists) and the risk of professional burnout. The burnout syndrome is a general occupational syndrome but manifests itself with its own peculiarities in each profession. This fact requires research to […]


Психосоциална подкрепа на хората с деменция чрез иновативни модели на работа в резидентна и дневна грижа

Abstract:As the demographic ages, problems associated with diseases such as dementia come to the fore. Bulgaria’s population is among the oldest and fastest ageing in the European Union. A person with an advanced form of dementia requiresall-day care, in the absence of adequate services for those with […]


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