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За “традигиталността” в педагогическият “ню ейдж”

Abstract: The article refers to the digital natives, the digital immigrants and the problem of persistent influence, escalating accessibility and massive applicability of social media and technology in the modern society. This allows us to look for ideas how the new media can become a kind of […]


Съвременни форми на обучение в информационното общество

Abstract: The evolution of Information Society leads to changes the organization and delivery of education. The purpose of this article is to analyze the technology influence from the perspective of its affect to the education methods. Greater information access; greater communication; synchronous and asynchronous learning; increased cooperation […]


Принципи за практическо обучение на възрастните

Abstract: The principle of lifelong learning is enshrined in the European policy for education, employment and, in particular inclusion. Informal learning is associated with situations in which a person learns and acquires skills through different types of activities in which a teaching process. By placing learners at […]


Половые различия в образовательных мотивах взрослых обучающихся

Abstract: The article examines the sexual determination of educational motivation of adult learners. Allocated to specific students male and female educational motives, conducted their correlation with the results of the control group subjects. Key words: motive, motivation, need, educational motives, adult learners   Проблема мотивации получения образования […]


Студентската оценка за преподавателската дейност (Преподавателят през очите на неговите студенти)

Abstract: This paper discusses one particular aspect of teaching. Consciously authors use the term „action“ rather than „occupation.“ They are attached to the understanding that teaching should not be seen only as a profession but as a specific and multifarious human activity integrates various aspects of different […]


Методическите компетенции на студентите – бъдещи предучилищни педагози в родноезиковото и чуждоезиковото обучение

Abstract: The paper presents the results of a survey conducted among undergraduates in the Pre-school Pedagogy and Foreign Language degree course at Vratsa Branch of St Cyril and St Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo. Based on theoretical examinations, methodology competencies which students must possess in Pedagogics of […]


Съвременни основи на технологичното обучение в първи клас на началното училище

Abstract: The publication justify innovations that underlie modern foundations of technological training in the initial stage of primary education. The subject is contemporary technological training, and subject – the expansion of its substantive and procedural grounds. The goal is based on sound technological innovations in education to […]


За училищния празничен календар

Abstract: This paper can be considered as part of efforts for theoretical inclusion of the topic of importance of school celebrations as a focal point of educational, cultural and social activities of the school community. It is an attempt to answer the questions: Why is there a […]


Проблемът за функционалната грамотност на ученика в педагогическото пространство на съвременното начално училище

Abstract: This article aims at revealing the essence of the issue of functional literacy within a broad social and educational context. The stress is put on the need for purposeful pedagogic activities for the formation and development of functional literacy in pupils of the elementary school age. […]


Хипотезирането в процеса на решаване на математически проблемни ситуации

Abstract: Productive learning in the educational environment requires students to participate in consciously active creative process that stimulates mental activities. Problematic situations are often referred to as one of the most optimal means to achieve this goal. The process of resolving problem situations in math is characterized […]


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