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Формирование социальных умений у детей, пользующихся социальными услугами в центре размещения семейного типа и в приемной семье

Abstract: The article accepts assertion that the formation of social skills by the abandoned children is a prerequisite for their successful realization in their adulthood. By following the modern European tendencies, the alternative services offered to children at risk can be divided in two groups: Family-type accommodation […]


Фактори за трудовата мотивация на учителите

Abstract:The article is devoted to the problem of teacher work motivation. There are presented different research ideas on the factors affecting it. Based on studied literary sources, an attempt has been made to draw the most frequently mentioned factors. Изследванията в научната литература върху факторите оказващи въздействие […]


„CAPRA” – Подход за решаване на проблеми

Abstract:This article aims to better utilize the model to solve the problems associated with day-to-day policing in the context of the „Police Near Society“ strategy. The CAPRA problem solving model is related to the implementation of close cooperation and partnership with customers/communities to ensure continuous improvement of […]


Приносът на Мери Карпентър за развитието на социалното възпитание

Abstract:The article describes the life and body of work of Mary Carpenter – a British philanthropist from the 19th century. She re-imagined the notions of education and re-education of those rejected by society by founding so called ragged schools for poor children and young offenders. She contributed […]


Ефективността в социалната сфера

Abstract: The goal of any governmental, municipal, or private organization is to achieve a high labor efficiency. In the social sphere, there are authors who have worked on the issue of efficiency. It is believed that social effectiveness is influenced by many components: one is bound by […]


Гражданска и социална компетентност при възприемане на света в начална училищна възраст

Abstract:The work examines the civil and social competence in the interaction Human-Society and Human-Nature, bringing the basic aspects of the concepts to the fore as well as the integrative connections with other fields of education. An analysis based on the results of a study with students on […]


Възможности за развитие на творческия потенциал в професионалното обучение по класическа китара

Abstract:The report accentuates the basic moments in the professional teaching of the students from the guitar classes at the Ruse National School of Arts “Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov”. It describes the pedagogical conditions for the formations and development of the creative potential – individual teaching, ensemble music-making, orchestral […]


Дисциплината, като част от нравствените отношения между педагогическите специалисти и възпитаниците

Abstract:One of the main components of moral relations in the pedagogical process is the discipline that reigns in the educational environment. The existence or absence of such a situation has a huge influence on the relations between pedagogical specialists and graduates. All teachers, whether from primary or […]


Компетентности на диригентът-учител и учителят-диригент в китарната оркестрова практика

Abstract:The report presents the leadership of Guitar Orchestra Practice at the Ruse National School of Arts “Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov”. Two aspects of the art manager`s activities are considered – Conductor-Teacher and Teacher- Conductor. The main focus is on their competencies. Съвременното ниво на икономическо и социокултурно обществено […]


Получаване на статус за квалифициран учител от студентите-педагози в Англия

Abstract:The following article examines the different routes through which students in England can obtain a pedagogical degree and a Qualified Teacher Status. It also describes the Teachers’ standards that students need to meet in order to achieve the status. A focus was put on the statutory requirements […]


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