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Психологически измерения на локуса на контрола на студентите в академичната среда

Abstract: Based on a reconceptualization of Rotter`s (1966) construct of locus of control Palenzuela (1988) derived an operational domain-specific measure for use with undergraduate populations. This study attempted to explore the transferability of the Multidimensional Academic Locus of Control Scale (MALOCS) to a Bulgarian higher education context. […]



Abstract:In the article the challenges of psychological counseling as well as its position and role in psychological service system of a higher education institution is considered. The light is brought onto system-determined contensive aspects of students’ inquiries; possibilities for a student of gaining personal meaningful experience of […]


О гендерном самосознании студентов

Abstract: The article informs about the study of the relationship of gender and professional self-consciousness of students of pedagogical College. The material is a survey of the girls who chose the typical female sphere of professional activity, girls and boys of masculine sphere. The results showed the […]


Траектория на социализацията при липсата на семейна среда

Abstract: Family is the base microenvironment in which becomes social formation of the individual. The character and specificity of family education set behavioral models, required of the child in its relationship with society. Lack of a family environment is a factor, which significantly impairs the operation of […]


Депресията в детска и юношеска възраст: семеен контекст

Abstract: The article treats the problem of depression in the childhood and adolescence in the context of traditional psychological approaches: psychoanalytic, behavioristic cognitive. Some controversial issues related to the specifics and diversity of this disorder in children, on the one hand, and in adults, on the other […]


Насилието и агресията сред подрастващите

Abstract: Violence has become part of our daily lives. We meet it in real life, on the TV in the computer room. Each of you probably know about the case of child victims of violence – in school, on the street or home. More serious problem is […]


Възпиране на детската агресивност чрез умения на емоционалната интелигентност

Abstract: According to most authors who have studied aggression, it is defined as inflicting physical or psychic trauma to another person deliberately. The factors influencing aggression lay in the specifics of the family, examples of violence shown by television and seen in life, emotional stress and frustration […]


Надарените деца – стимул или проблем за българското образование?

Abstract: Nowadays psychological and pedagogical problems of education and social work with gifted children show issues for early testing, identification of criteria and data of characteristics for cognitional, behavioral, social and emotional aspect of high achievers in the schools. This article accent of the drastic need for […]


Интегральные психологические новообразования критических периодов детства

Abstract: The problem of „crisis “ seen in the context of development issues in the light of his understanding of the development both internally deterministic , focused , dialectical process that takes place not uniformly, but contradictory, through the emergence and resolution of internal conflicts. The most important […]


Eфикасност на психокорекционната и компенсаторна работа при деца на 7–9-годишна възраст с минимални мозъчни дисфункции

Abstract: Children with discrete brain dysfunction often cannot be diagnosed and their problem remains beyond the cases which provide specialized assistance in school. Another important reason for retaining development is inefficient contact with the mother since infancy, and then in early childhood and pre-school, which turns into ineffective […]


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